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J-Plazty ™ is the treatment you didn’t even know you wanted, but once you learn what it is, you’ll be dying to have it! Remember what your skin looked like before you had your babies? Have you finally gotten to your goal weight only to realize your thighs are thin enough, but now they’re kinda saggy? Do you look in the mirror and feel as if gravity has had its way with your face? If any of these feelings are all too familiar, you want J-Plazty ™! 

Real skin tightening that happens right before your eyes isn’t magic.

It’s science.

J-Plazty ™ is simply the next level of skin tightening. The J-plasma ® device utilizes cold plasma energy in a unique way and it can be used on the face, neck, and body. Cold plasma is created when helium gas is infused by radio frequency energy and channeled through the J-Plasma ® device. Minimally invasive and ground-breaking, J-Plazty ™ is used under the skin to rejuvenate and tighten the surface of the skin through tiny incisions.

J-Plazty ™ is an innovative procedure designed to shrink lax skin and is the perfect solution for patients that do not want to have a complete tummy tuck or neck lift, and it complements Hi-Def Liposuction perfectly. Because cold plasma is cooler than laser energy, J-Plazty ™ Face and J-Plazty ™ Body procedures are a safer option to minimize risk and damage to the tssue allowing patients a speedy recovery. J-Plazty ™ patients enjoy less downtime, a faster recovery, and fewer complications. 

An in-office skin tightening procedure with minimal downtime, and local anesthetic that actually works? You want J-Plazty ™. Let’s face it, you love your babies, but not the stretched out skin they left behind. It’s time to forget about your goal weight, and start thinking of your goal body. No more feeling like your face is sagging when all you want is to look as young as you feel.

It’s time for J-Plazty ™

… the skin tightening treatment that actually works!

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