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FACS is not a random acronym after a doctor’s name. FACS stands for Fellow, American College of Surgeons. The American College of Surgeons awards this esteemed title. They are the governing body that establishes the highest standards of practice for all surgeons nationwide and are respected worldwide. The American College of Surgeons maintain the code of conduct for professionalism, surgical competence, and ethics. 

To become a Fellow is no simple task awarded by default. Fellows must qualify through years and multiple stages of training and honing their skill set. FACS is a designation exclusively given to surgeons whose education and surgical experience, as well as demanding evaluation, have distinguished them from their peers. These surgeons are the elite in every regard. They are certified by the American Surgical Specialty Board and practice within their specialty. Ethical fitness as well as professional proficiency are at the core of the assessments. 

This Fellowship is not given solely by one board, but by being awarded approval through various unbiased national associations certifying the credentials of the applicant. The criteria is multi-faceted and encompasses a wide breadth of knowledge and accountability. Think of it as a resume with only the best references possible. 

What does all this mean for you, as the patient?

Fellowship denotes a level of expertise and quality of care. As a patient, you can feel confident and trust that your surgeon maintains the highest level of education and integrity possible. 

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