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Thanks to years of stress, many find the constant clenching of their jaw becomes a painful, headache inducing problem. Enter one more thing that Botox can fix! Your longtime bad habit is no match for Botox. Ruining your teeth from consecutive nights of stress-grinding does not have to be your reality. 

Masseter Botox (sometimes called jaw Botox, since the masseter muscle is attached there) is a treatment with twofold results. First, depending on your face shape, it can slim your jawline. Second, it can prevent you from clenching and grinding your teeth, and finally relieve some jaw tension. 

How does it work? Why does it reshape my face?

Botox injections block signals from your nerves to the muscle and partly paralyze the muscle’s strength, weakening the masseters. When the muscle is not able to be constantly flexed, you can can’t clench, grind, or bite down as hard. Additionally, your jaw is not as tense, which changes the visibility of the muscle and creates a slimmer appearance. The relaxation of the muscle essentially leads to thinning of the muscle, which in turn results in thinning the face while alleviating teeth grinding and headaches.

Who is it for?

Botox placed in the masseter muscle is perfect for patients who grind and clench to the point of wearing out their teeth.  Frequent tension or migraine headaches are also a sign of a patient who could benefit. Those who feel the shape of their face is too square or have a thick jaw line and want to alter their aesthetic appearance are candidates as well. Injecting the masseter muscle can also help create a more feminine face shape.

How much do you need? When do you see results?

Depending on the thickness of the muscle, the number of Botox units needed to treat the masseters ranges between 40 to 80. Patients can expect tension headaches and clenching to subside within a week or two. Gradually you will notice the full effects of jaw thinning about one month after treatment. The change in facial contour is achieved when the muscle has had time to atrophy.

Still feeling unsure?

Imagine that no matter how high your stress level gets, you physically cannot lapse back into the habit of crushing your jaws together. Masseter Botox is a simple way to achieve a more elegant face shape. Alleviate your jaw pain and refine the look of your jawline. What more could you ask? Make an appointment today to see us at our office in Nashville, Tennessee, to learn if this could be the right treatment for you!

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