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As part of the aging process, lines, creases and sagging skin around the eyelids can cause you to look constantly tired and can even make you look older than you really are. At RG Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ramirez Gavidia performs eyelid surgery to revitalize and add alertness to your appearance.

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, also referred to as cosmetic eyelift surgery, is one of the most common cosmetic procedure Dr. Ramirez Gavidia performs. Blepharoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that restores a youthful and energetic look. Surgery can be performed with minimal sedation or local injections of anesthesia. While blepharoplasty is a relatively straightforward procedure, it is still a delicate surgery, which requires an artistic touch to attain the desired results.

Although blepharoplasty is a commonly performed procedure by many surgeons and is widely considered a simple excision of skin and fat from the upper and/or lower lids by most cosmetic surgeons, nothing can be further from the truth. Blepharoplasty surgery requires a unique understanding of eyelid architecture. Over excision of skin, muscle or fat can be devastating. An expert blepharoplasty surgeon, like Dr. Ramirez Gavidia, must be able to preserve (reposition) fat, form a natural lid fold (crease), elevate a weakened eyelid muscle (ptosis repair), tighten the outer corner of the eyelids (canthoplasty), and have an overall understanding of what beautiful eye looks like. A consultation with Dr. Ramirez Gavidia will give you the information necessary to understand what procedures are appropriate for you.

What Can I Expect From Blepharoplasty?

Dr. Ramirez Gavidia takes a very customized approach to blepharoplasty, creating a surgical plan for each patient that is unique to the needs of their aging eyelids. No two sets of eyes are the same, and Dr. Ramírez Gavidia uses his years of experience and expertise to provide each one of his patients with a tailored blepharoplasty to achieve a youthful and harmonious outcome.

Aged eyelids are a consequence of the following factors:

• Loss of tone

• Loss of elasticity & collagen

• Loss of support (underlying bone support)

• Loss of facial fat

These factors can result in droopy or puffy looking eyelids, as well as under eye hollows or heavy bags. Depending on which factors of aging are affecting the appearance of your eyelids, Dr. Ramirez Gavidia will determine which treatments will best help you achieve your goals. He may choose to incorporate both an upper and lower blepharoplasty, or he may determine that you need just one of the two procedures. During your consultation with Dr. Ramirez Gavidia he will listen to your goals for surgery, as well as examine your eyelids, in order to recommend the best procedure plan for you.


Following your blepharoplasty, the sensitive skin of your eyelids should be protected from excessive sun exposure and from too much friction as the area heals. Typically, only minor discomfort is experienced after this simple procedure, which is easy to control with mild analgesics and aftercare instructions that will be provided to you by Dr. Ramirez Gavidia.

After all the swelling has subsided, you will be able to fully enjoy your revitalized appearance. Dr. Ramirez Gavidia will schedule follow-up appointments with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with your results.

Am I A Good Candidate For Eyelid Lift Surgery?

An upper blepharoplasty is often performed for cosmetic reasons (cosmetic upper blepharoplasty) and essentially give the eyes a more youthful, rested appearance. However, reconstructive upper blepharoplasty is done for those patients with significantly sagging upper eyelids, with skin covering the eyelashes, who want to improve eye comfort and to improve peripheral vision.

It is extremely important to NOT remove too much skin (or fat) from the upper eyelids, as it can lead to a dreaded unnatural, surgical look, or worse, inability to close the eyes (lagophthalmos), dry eyes, etc. Even less skin removal is recommended for male cosmetic upper blepharoplasty to avoid a feminine appearance. 

You might be a great candidate for blepharoplasty in Nashville if you have any of the following:

  • If you have wrinkled, saggy, loose upper eyelid skin.
  • If you have lost (hidden) natural eyelid crease/fold.
  • If you have puffy pouches of fat in the eyelids that create a tired, aged appearance.
  • If you have excess eyelid skin that interferes with peripheral vision.