Sciton Laser Treatments

NanoLaserPeel is a short-downtime, light treatment that removes the top most layer of skin or less than 10um of the stratum corneum returning the natural smoothness and lustrous glow the skin.

What is NanoLaserPeel?

A NanoLaserPeel removes a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture and brightness for a more youthful appearance. It provides superior results because it can be administered with great precision of depth calculated to the tiniest micron. NanoLaserPeel works by removing the top layer of the skin promoting new skin to grow from underneath. The procedure is performed in our office and can be customized to your specific skin conditions and desired outcomes.

How does NanoLaserPeel work?

The NanoLaserPeel beam is scanned over a treatment area to remove a very fine layer of the skin. Removing the top layer eliminates some of the damaged cells that can give skin a tired, aged look. Plus it activates messenger cells to trigger the body’s natural healing process. As the skin heals, fresh cells grow and resurface the treated area. The result is healthier-looking skin, often with reduced wrinkles and improved color evenness. Patients often say that it looks like their skin went from looking tired to vibrant.

What conditions can be treated with NanoLaserPeel?

  • Mild wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Keratosis
  • Sun damage (e.g., freckles) • Pigment irregularities

What areas of the body can be treated?

Most skin areas can be treated. Popular treatment areas are the face and neck, though some people also treat the chest and hands. You should discuss your needs with your physician.

What will happen during the procedure?

Your skin will be cleaned in the treatment area and your eyes will be protected with safety shields. The physician will position the laser handpiece above the skin and will hold it in place as the computer-guided scanner moves the laser beam around the treatment area. Depending on the size of the area being treated, the procedure usually lasts 5 to 15 minutes.

Will it be Uncomfortable?

One of the primary advantages of NanoLaserPeel is that it does not cause pain because it does not penetrate very deeply into the skin. Typically no anesthetic is used at all. Since the depth of the laser is programmable, deeper treatments are an option, but it will depend on what you and your practitioner have decided is the best plan for you.

What should I expect immediately after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment you will notice that the skin has a “frosty” appearance. This is the dehydrated skin that will peel away in the next few days following the treatment. You may experience some skin redness and a sensation resembling sunburn, as well as mild swelling.

When should I expect results?

Because only the outer layer of skin is treated, most patients notice an obvious improvement in tone, texture and color evenness once the skin heals in approximately 2-3 days or when peeling is complete..