Mini or Mid Facelift

Have you been considering facelift surgery to renew your appearance but are anxious about the downtime of a full surgical procedure? At RG Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Spa, Dr. Ramirez Gavidia performs a wide range of cosmetic procedures to help you look as young as you feel, including mini facelifts.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our Nashville office and find out if you are a candidate for a mini facelift to rejuvenate the midface with less extensive surgery and less downtime.

What is a Mini Facelift?

While a full facelift rejuvenates all parts of the face, in some cases only the midface needs to be targeted to create optimal results. For men and women who wish to revitalize their appearance but who either do not require full surgery or who want less downtime may be ideal candidates for a mini facelift.

Also commonly referred to as a mid facelift, a mini facelift requires minor surgery but can still address major signs of aging such as:

  • Wrinkles and sagging on the lower third of the face
  • Loss of definition in the chin area
  • Excess fatty tissue in the midface and jawline

What are the benefits of a Mini Facelift?

  • Less Invasive: As this procedure only addresses the midface, it is more conservative than a full facelift and complements the rest of your natural facial features.
  • Less Time in Surgery: The straightforward nature of a mid facelift often means that patients spend less time on the surgical table, leading to less side effects from the anesthesia
  • Minimal Scarring: Dr. Ramirez Gavidia will place incisions along the natural folds and creases of the face to minimize visible scarring. All incisions will gradually fade over time.
  • Faster Recovery: On average, men and women are able to enjoy the results of mid facelifts faster than with more extensive procedures.

What is recovery like after a Mini Facelift?

This process is different for everyone as some patients heal faster than others. Some degree of post-surgical swelling and bruising can be expected, but this is typically minimal when compared to the recovery process of full surgery. Any residual swelling or discomfort can be easily controlled through prescription medication and through post-surgical instructions that will be relayed to you by Dr. Ramirez Gavidia prior to your surgery.

Contact RG Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Spa today to schedule a consultation at our Nashville office and discover the benefits of a mini facelift for conservative facial rejuvenation.