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Do any of the following scenarios sound like they could be you?

“I have been thinking of getting liposuction for the longest time, but my doctor says my abdomen is going to look somewhat deflated and I’ll be left with loose skin. I’m not exactly ready for a tummy tuck or the scar. Am I destined to have lax skin forever?”

Or this…..

“I keep looking in the mirror and seeing the start of jowls. My skin just doesn’t have the plump, tight feeling it used to and my jawline is looking a lot more slack than sharp. I don’t really need or want a facelift. I wish there was something I could do that would make a real, noticeable difference.”

If only there was a legitimate skin- tightening alternative for those people who want to do something, but aren’t ready for more invasive surgical procedures….

J-Plazty ™ is the answer you’ve been seeking!

J-Plazty ™ not only enhances liposuction for the ultimate skin tightening benefit, but it also turns back the clock on the loose skin of your face and neck. Minimally invasive, yet revolutionary, the J-Plazty ™ technique is the next generation of skin tightening.  J-Plazty ™ is used under the skin through micro incisions to rejuvenate and tighten the surface of the skin. Using the J-plasma ® device, cold plasma energy is harnessed in a unique way and it can be used on the face, neck, and body. It is an innovative procedure designed to shrink lax skin and is the perfect solution for patients that do not want to have a complete tummy tuck or neck lift, and it complements Hi-Def Liposuction perfectly. J-Plazty ™ patients enjoy less downtime, a faster recovery, and fewer complications.

With an in- office, minimally invasive, minimal downtime procedure, here in Nashville, Tennessee,  J-Plazty offers a true option for the patient desiring real, lasting results. For skin that behaves younger, jawlines that are sharper, and tummies that are tighter, come see us at RG Plastic Surgery for a consultation to learn if Dr. Ramirez Gavidia can make J-Plazty your solution!

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