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A winning combo

Want to give your skin a boost? It’s time you try a HydraFacial! Ready to take your skincare to the next level?

It’s time you try the winning combination of HydraFacial and BBL!

What is a HydraFacial?

A quick explanation about the HydraFacial: It uses exfoliating serums in hydra-dermabrasion to exfoliate the skin and vacuum impurities out of your pores while simultaneously infusing your skin with natural acids, peptides, antioxidants, and hydration. The great thing about HydraFacial is that over time and consistent visits, your skin becomes visibly brighter and your fine lines softer.

Let’s Talk About BBL

Everyone is talking about all the amazing things light therapy can achieve. BBL (BroadBand Light) is essentially the next generation of intense pulsed light photorejuvenation. BBL is the latest and most advanced technology in light therapy that sets the standard for treating skin conditions associated with aging and pigmentation irregularities.

Benefits of BroadBand Light Therapy 

BBL Therapy improves skin imperfections, fine lines, wrinkles, small veins, sun damage, dark spots, rosacea, scars, acne, and pores where they start.  It uses heat and light energy to penetrate the skin and target darker pigment in damaged cells. BBL ™ stimulates new cell growth deep in the skin which forces the skin to repair itself. The repair process fades discolorations while stimulating collagen growth for smoother, firmer skin, a more even tone, and a decreased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

BBL perfects your skin from the inside out and HydraFacial cleans and brightens the skin from the outside which is why they complement each other perfectly. 

BBL + HydraFacial = Synergistic Results

New research shows skin can reap the benefits of antioxidant infusions when combined with BBL treatments. Recent studies show that incorporating multiple treatments amplifies individual treatments and achieves skin goals. Topical antioxidants are key to skin health. The treatment method in HydraFacial where antioxidants are infused directly into the skin following the exfoliation and extraction phase is ideal. The addition of topical antioxidants to a BBL regimen improves the chemical, clinical, biochemical, and histological changes seen in BBL treatments alone. 

What does this actually mean for the skin?

Combining BBL photorejuvenation treatments with topical application of antioxidants found in a HydraFacial will result in greater improvement in the appearance skin texture, pore size, hyperpigmentation, dullness, and fine lines, than either treatment can provide on it’s own. Research shows the use of multi-modal therapy creates synergy and optimizes the results and long term outcomes for BBL and HydraFacial treatments. By pairing BBL treatments with the amazing HydraFacial, we are blending the power of broad band light therapy with an intense infusion of potent antioxidants. 

Our treatment prescription is a course of 6 and 3. The plan consists of 3 BBL photorejuvenation treatments and 6 HydraFacial treatments over the course of 3 months. A HydraFacial is first, followed by a BBL treatment, then two weeks later a HydraFacial treatment. This cycle is repeated every two weeks. The genius of these treatments is that both show immediate results and continue to deliver compounding dramatic, long-lasting, and on-going results over time. This treatment protocol coupled with your skin care on a regularly rotating schedule will create stunning results. 

Either one of these facial treatments leaves you with renewed skin and real changes, but the combination of the two will leave you standing in front of your mirror, admiring your own skin. A glowing complexion, tighter pores, clearer, and rejuvenated skin are in your future!

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