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Offered at our convenient location in the Gulch, Nashville, Tennessee, J-Plazty (also called J-Plasma® or J-Plasty) is an innovative procedure that rejuvenates and tightens the surface of the skin by utilizing cold plasma energy in a unique way. J-Plazty can be used on the face, neck, and body and works by tightening the tissue underneath the skin and brings the skin back down to the muscles.

Why Patients and Doctors are Embracing J-Plazty

  • Safe, quick, and convenient
  • Immediate skin tightening
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • No large incisions or scars
  • Excellent precision
  • Surrounding tissue is minimally affected
  • As little as 1-2 days of downtime
  • Natural-looking results

A Remarkable Advancement 

This new technology represents a phenomenal advancement in minimally invasive face and body rejuvenation. The level of improvement from cold plasma energy is currently unrivaled. No laser, ultrasound, or radiofrequency treatment is capable of safely tightening and firming skin to this degree. 

J-Plazty truly is a remarkable advancement in minimally invasive face and body rejuvenation. Most patients report a 70-80 level of tightening, and the procedure can be done essentially anywhere that has lax skin, including the face, neck, stomach, arms, back, flanks, legs, and buttocks. 


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How J-Plazty Works

The J-Plazty device makes cold plasma by using radiofrequency energy to kick-start helium gas.

The cold plasma is delivered from this device as it moves over the skin, triggering an instant contraction of tissues underneath the skin and therefore an immediate improvement of the skin’s surface. 

J-Plazty Training

Dr. Ramirez Gavidia has had the advantage of receiving specialized training with his colleague and friend, Dr. Jack Zamora, who is the creator and developer of the J-Plazty technique. Because of this, Dr. Ramirez Gavidia and his staff have been certified by Dr. Jack Zamora to perform the procedure. They participated in several surgeries and perfected the overlooked post-surgery routine that allows patients to achieve their best body ever. This new procedure combines VASER® technology and J-Plazty to achieve tighter skin.

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Improving the Patient as a Whole

Dr. Ramirez Gavidia’s signature style is comprehensive and holistic rejuvenation. Rather than only performing one procedure such as liposuction or facial contouring, he will deliver a combination of procedures to ensure a comprehensive result. This achieves overall balance and improvement. 

Procedure Details

The J-Plazty procedure can be done under general anesthesia, sedation, or local anesthesia for limited areas. Your skin will be marked first to help guide Dr. Ramirez Gavidia. Liposuction will be done first to remove fat and open the space for the plasma to work. Once liposuction has been completed, the J-Plazty device will be inserted underneath the skin. This long, thin wand emits powerful energy to tighten the tissue. The procedure is typically completed in under one hour, and results can be seen in as little as one day. In three weeks, results are final.

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Patients recover fairly quickly from a J-Plazty procedure because there are no large incisions made. A compression garment will need to be worn for 2-3 weeks, but with this compression and a little rest, most patients are back to work in a few days. Typical side effects include some soreness and swelling. 

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Who is a Good Candidate?

J-Plazty is an excellent option for those in their 20s-80s who have loose skin from either age, weight loss, or pregnancy. It’s ideal for patients who are looking for skin tightening but who don’t want to undergo a surgery. During your consultation with Dr. Ramirez Gavidia, he will determine whether J-Plazty is right for you. 

Why Choose J-Plazty with Dr. Ramirez Gavidia?

Embracing the artistic side of plastic surgery, Dr. J. Roberto Ramirez Gavidia of RG Plastic Surgery also incorporates the most advanced technology to achieve optimal sculpting in his results. He adjusts procedures to create his own sculpting type, always addressing the entire body to keep everything in balance. This artistic sculpting and attention to detail are what have established Dr. Ramirez Gavidia as a premier plastic surgeon in the greater Nashville area for the last five years. His unique view of aesthetic procedures and what they can do to improve the patient as a whole have earned him a special place in the hearts of his patients. 

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