What is a Neck Lift?

As a result of the aging process, deposits of fat and sagging can cause what is commonly referred to as a “turkey neck.” Rather than continuing to hide your appearance, Dr. Ramirez Gavidia can reshape your neck and complement the rest of your facial features with a neck lift.

Also known as a lower rhytidectomy, this procedure can correct:

  • A “jowled” appearance in the lower face as a result of skin laxity
  • Excess fatty deposits in the lower chin
  • Loose neck skin
  • Muscle banding

For men and women whose neck areas do not match their overall appearance due to aging, gravity, and weight loss, a neck lift at RG Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Spa can be the answer. Dr. Ramirez Gavidia will analyze your facial features and personalize a plan for your new, refreshed appearance.

How is a Neck Lift Performed?

This is a common cosmetic procedure performed under general anesthesia at one of our surgical centers in Nashville. While you are comfortably asleep, Dr. Ramirez Gavidia will carefully create incisions that are hidden within the natural folds and contours of the ears and neck, minimizing visible scarring. Depending on the type of correction necessary, he will then remove excess skin and fat and tighten the remaining skin to tighten, elevate, and add a more pleasing shape to your profile.

Prior to your surgery, Dr. Ramirez Gavidia will create a customized surgical plan by using 3D advanced imaging technology that assists in visualizing your outcome. He will outline how you can prepare and what you can expect. He will also address your questions and advise you on how much time you should take off from work and normal activities.

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What is the recovery like after a Neck Lift?

The healing process is different for everyone, but after this procedure, some swelling and mild discomfort may be experienced as your new neck contours heal. Aftercare instructions for your incision sites, as well as prescription medication to control your discomfort, will be provided for you by Dr. Ramirez Gavidia.

Contact RG Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Spa today to schedule a consultation at our Nashville office and find out if you are a candidate for neck lift surgery.

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