This collection provides even more options for our patients since it features a wide range of silicone gel-filled breast implants with varying projections and cohesive consistencies. These implants are most popular among those who desire a more dramatic look while maintaining a natural feel. The Natrelle INSPIRA™ offers 3 different gummy consistencies which are: Natrelle INSPIRA Responsive Gel® (gummy), Natrelle INSPIRA SoftTouch® (gummier) or Natrelle INSPIRA Cohesive® (gummiest) implants.

Responsive Gel® is the softest cohesive silicone gummy gel which offers a very natural look and feels. The SoftTouch® gel is slightly firmer cohesive silicone gummy gel providing shape control while still allowing natural movement. Many consider the SoftTouch® to be the Goldilocks implant – not too soft, not too hard – it’s just right! The Natrelle INSPIRA Cohesive® offers the firmest level of cohesivity along with the most upper pole retention.

These work especially well for women who have little to no breast tissue or for women who have to exist, denser volume mostly in the lower pole. The Cohesive® line also works well on breast reconstruction patients. All three of these gummy implants are available in five different projection options. Implant shells come in smooth or Biocell™ textured. The 360° Intrashiel™ barrier layer minimizes silicone gel diffusion. Every patient we see is distinctly different having their own individualized frame, breast shape, and size. Each patient has an individualized desire for their breast augmentation outcome so these added choices can only increase patient outcome and satisfaction.

Whether you are seeking a breast augmentation for the first time or you’re in need of a revision from a previous breast surgery. The Natrelle INSPIRA™ line can be an excellent choice. Dr. Ramirez Gavidia invites you to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Ramirez Gavidia will evaluate you and discuss your desired outcome. To schedule your consultation call (615) 988-9686.

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