Hi-Def Lipo:
True Body Sculpting

High-definition VASER® liposuction is a method of liposuction that targets small fat deposits surrounding specific muscles to define the natural muscle contour. It works best for those who are already fairly fit, but who have persistent pockets of fat that are hiding their muscles. High-definition lipo can perform skin tightening, fat liquification, definition of specific muscle groups, and overall aesthetic improvement of body contours. 

Benefits of HD Lipo

  • Increased precision
  • Performs skin tightening
  • Smooth, predictable results
  • Faster results than laser
  • Quick recovery
  • Less pain medication required
  • Minimal bruising
  • Reduced need for re-treatments

Dr. Ramirez Gavidia: Body Sculpting Artist

High-definition VASER liposuction is an achievement of human anatomy and art, making it a perfect procedure for Dr. Ramirez Gavidia to specialize in. He is just as much an artist as he is a surgeon, and views his work like a sculptor chiseling a masterpiece. He tweaks and refines his hi-definition lipo procedures, ensuring the very best results. 

A Holistic Approach to HD Lipo

In addition to Dr. Ramirez Gavidia’s unique sculpting style, he also applies a holistic approach to every service he provides. This means that instead of just concentrating on one area, he will address the whole body. He never does hi-def lipo in just one area because the procedure changes the shape; therefore the entire body needs to be considered. Dr. Ramirez ensures that your results are harmonious and in balance. He believes in comprehensive and holistic rejuvenation.

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What Makes Hi-Definition Lipo Different

The primary difference with hi-def liposuction is how it separates fat cells from the connective tissue. The special VASER probe emits ultrasonic energy, causing the fat to instantly liquefy as soon the probe touches it. However, no surrounding tissue is damaged.

This liquefication makes it much easier to remove the fat, erasing the need to use aggressive suctioning during the procedure. There is also more control, more precision, and less swelling and bruising during recovery. 

What to Expect

The Hi-Def Lipo Procedure

High-definition VASER liposuction is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. 

Dr. Ramirez Gavidia will create small incisions to be a port for the VASER probe and cannula. A saline solution or tumescent fluid combined with an anesthetic will be injected, and then the VASER probe will be applied to the targeted area before the liposuction portion of the procedure begins. The VASER probe will emit ultrasonic energy to liquefy the fat cells, making them easier to remove. When the fat cells are liquified, a cannula (a small, thin tube) will then be inserted to gently suction the fat out in a precise and controlled manner. The final and most important step is the artistic sculpting that sets the hi-definition liposuction technique apart.

The length of your HD lipo procedure will depend on what areas are being treated and the amount of fat that is being removed. 

HD Lipo Recovery and Results

Although every patient is different, recovery after high-definition VASER liposuction requires 2-3 days.

We recommend taking it easy at home for about 12 hours after the procedure and avoiding strenuous activities for 2-3 weeks. Bruising and swelling should subside in 1-2 weeks. You will have some discomfort (numbness and soreness).

Final results are apparent at approximately 3-6 months. If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise, results should be permanent. If you put on weight (fifteen pounds or more), you will compromise your hi-def liposuction results, losing the definition and proportion. 

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Candidates for Hi-Definition Liposuction

Dr. Ramirez Gavidia is excited to offer high-definition lipo at his Nashville practice. If you’re interested in hi-def lipo, it may be the perfect procedure to achieve your personal aesthetic goals. Those who make the best patients for this advanced procedure are those who:

  • Have persistent pockets of fat that bother them
  • Have an active lifestyle 
  • Have good, elastic skin quality and good muscle tone
  • Are already close to their goal weight
  • Don’t have excessively lax skin
  • Want more contoured results than what traditional liposuction can achieve
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Hi-Def Liposuction at RG Plastic Surgery

Dr. J. Roberto Ramirez Gavidia has been double board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Surgery. He is a highly trained liposuction specialist who is considered by many to be the top plastic surgeon in the greater Nashville area. Refining procedures to create his own sculpting style and utilizing the most advanced technology, Dr. Ramirez Gavidia specializes in full-body liposuction procedures and has an exceptional artistic skill. If you’re in the Nashville area and you’d like to learn more about high-definition lipo, we encourage you to contact us today.

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