Which Lip Augmentation Procedure Is Right For Me?

If you look in the mirror and are not happy with your lips, then maybe lip augmentation is the right option for you. Since your lips are such an important part of your face, it is likely that you have some questions and some concerns about available procedures. At RG Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Spa, we are proud to offer injectable lip augmentation treatments for beautiful, natural-looking results.


As the name implies, lip augmentation is designed to enhance the size and shape of your lips. Lip augmentation comes in two forms, surgical and non-surgical. Surgical implants are a permanent solution. Injectable fillers, especially those made from hyaluronic acid, are non-surgical and temporary. The treatment is significantly less invasive than surgical lip enhancement, and although the results are temporary, they are long-lasting. In addition, follow-up treatments can be safely performed at our office for ongoing benefits.


During your initial consultation at our office in Nashville, we are going to take the time to hear your concerns. We want to know what you feel is wrong with your lips and how you want your lips to look after the procedure. Then, after evaluating the structure of your lips, your face and your overall health, we will work with you to help you see if injectable lip augmentation is right for you. This is the best time to ask any questions that you have about things such as potential risks, recovery time and expected results.


The vast majority of the fillers used for lip augmentation are made from hyaluronic acid. They will increase the size and adjust the shape of your lips with results lasting for quite some time. They are an amazing way to improve the appearance of your lips without the downtime and the risk of surgery. With injectables, you will see the results right away.

Lip augmentation with fillers is considered to be safe. The risk of an allergic reaction is minimal, since the fillers contain substances that are already present within the body.

At RG Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Spa, we mainly use fillers like Juvederm® and Restylane® for safe and effective non-surgical lip augmentation. During a consultation at our office in Nashville, you can get all the facts about this treatment and how it may work for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more!

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