Resolution Solution

How many years have you been making the same resolution to get into your skinny jeans? Maybe it’s time to stop beating yourself up and find a real resolution solution. Take the leap this year to see how your body could be reshaped with VASERlipo ® liposuction. 



VASERlipo ® uses precision ultrasound-assisted technology fusing mechanical and acoustic fragmentation and emulsification of fat. Essentially the fat is broken up into tiny clumps before any of the fat is removed. VASERlipo ® is designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of the procedure while minimizing trauma to the body’s delicate tissue. Because the fat is broken up before it is suctioned, this means less time in surgery which translates into less stress to the body and pain for patients and less time under anesthesia.


This advanced technology means that your surgeon can create dramatic contouring and reshaping compared to typical liposuction methods. The fragmented fat also means Dr. Ramirez Gavidia can use smaller, thinner cannulas for minimized trauma and incisions. Another benefit of VASERlipo ®  is amplified skin retraction for the smoothest results possible. With VASERlipo ®, Dr. Ramirez Gavidia can treat multiple areas at the same time in a single procedure to artistically enhance your shape. Because the ultrasound technology breaks apart the fat before it is aspirated, patients experience less pain, swelling, and downtime than older liposuction methods. Unlike non-invasive treatments, Dr. Ramirez Gavidia can control the amount of fat removed immediately for precise sculpting.

VASERlipo ®  is minimally invasive, yet powerful enough to eliminate large areas of fat, and gentle enough to treat delicate areas. 

It’s not about weight loss, it’s about sculpting your body into the amazing figure you didn’t know was possible. A solution to what’s bothering you, VASERlipo ® and your talented surgeon can reveal and reshape in ways you can only dream! Visit our office in the Gulch, Nashville, Tennessee, and explore the possibilities in your personal consultation!

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