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Whether you’re born with a pout that’s less than perfect, have lip envy, or if age has stolen the volume and vitality out of your once beautiful lips, you aren’t forced to live with it anymore. Lip fillers are a safe and simple procedure that in trained hands, can allow one to sculpt their lips to perfection. The injectable is not just about a larger lip size, but the proportions and shape that create both balance and beauty in the entire face.


Lips age with time, and the result is a loss in fullness, shape, and color. Restoration of the lips is now more than just a trend in the beauty industry as patients realize that fuller lips can be the difference between looking young or old and taking pretty to gorgeous. A telltale sign of a youthful face, is the natural rosy plumpness of a smile and upturned lips. Where does it go? Slowly, with each passing year, the collagen that props up the corners of our lips like a scaffold gets lost with age. This leads to droopiness and a sad expression, because mouths begin to fall into a downturned scowl. Regaining the look of youth must address the restoration of the lips. Furthermore, details such as the lips contribute to the overall youthfulness and balance of the face. 


The lips act like a sponge. If you want voluptuous lips that are plump, full, and supple, you must ensure that they are well hydrated. Lips do not possess the sweat glands or oil glands needed to produce naturally hydrating oils, making them highly susceptible to dehydration. Keeping your body hydrated and your lips moisturized is paramount.


Those obnoxious wrinkles around the mouth or the formation of peri-oral lip lines is caused by dehydration, cigarette smoking, and typical aging. The body produces less collagen with age and collagen is necessary to keep your lips well-padded and kissable, but it also prevents fine lines from forming around the mouth. The constant puckering action of smoking and sucking on straws are possibly the worst things you could do for your lips. These fine lines on and around lips, known as lipstick bleed lines, are a result from this puckering of the lips. Smoking also creates lips that have not just lost volume, but also look lined, dark, and deflated.

Combat lip lines with Botox for lips or micro-dosing of Botox (or other neuromodulators) placed judiciously at the hillocks around pinched lips to minimize lip lines and furrows, restoring youthfulness and eliminating frustrating lipstick bleeds. If hydration and volume is what you need, it’s time to restore your lips with hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally occurs in the body, but also gets depleted with age. Microinjections of an ultra-fine, natural hyaluronic acid filler, are not only deeply replenishing, it can transform dull, thin, and lined lips. Modern fillers main benefits are the intense hydration, line-minimizing effects, and the lip boosting youthful plump.  An expert injector will not leave you looking like an unnatural caricature. Delicately placed filler will leave your lips more shapely and youthful, not just bigger. 


Just like all that puckering, the more you frown and pull down the corners of your lips, the more likely your lips will stay turned downward. The Depressor Angular Oris (DAO) are the muscles responsible for pulling down the corners of the mouth. Routine use of these muscles makes them stronger, strengthening the downward pull. Sulking essentially is a workout for the DAOs which creates a perpetually downturned mouth. A doctor with a refined aesthetic can address the tiny details that can make the difference to aging lips. If you find yourself looking like you’re frowning even when you’re not, Botox (or Dysport) injected into your DAOs can help relax the muscles around the mouth and restore your lips to their natural upturned appearance. 


The reality is that the lips tend to thin with age and lip fillers remain the top method for achieving fuller lips. Replenishing volume in the lips can bring back a youthful look from a wrinkled appearance. While younger women tend to seek fillers for plumper, fuller lips, those born with thinner lips simply want to see more of the pink part of their lips and the fullness restored. 

A Board Certified plastic surgeon is key to finding someone qualified to inject your filler! Trusting your doctor is easy when you know they have the technique and refined aesthetic eye to deliver the results you want. You need not fear coming home with the duck-lip look when you select an injector with skill and artistry.

The injector must have a true understanding for lip aesthetics to maintain the proper proportions and to be able to effectively create not only larger, but nicely shaped lips.

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