Look Younger With An Eyelid Lift

Cosmetic surgeries can help a person reach a variety of goals. Some cosmetic surgeries are designed to help individuals who were born with a birth defect. Others can help individuals whose appearance has been affected by an injury. Cosmetic surgery can also help people improve their appearance, especially as they are getting older and noticing the changes that are taking place on their face and other parts of their body. Sagging and drooping eyelids are among the most noticeable signs of the aging process. For those who would like to take years off their appearance with a simple procedure, an eyelid lift may be the answer.

It is common for people to deal with sagging skin on their body as they get older. This happens because the skin loses elasticity with age. The loss of fat in certain key areas adds to this sagging, along with the pull of gravity. This especially applies to the area around the eyes. When a person was younger, they may have had bright eyes and eyelids that were firm and tight. But as the years have gone by, they now have droopy eyelids. Fat and tissue may have shifted, causing a lot of excess skin and weight to hang over and under the eyes. This is where an eyelid lift, formally known as blepharoplasty, can help.

An eyelid lift is specially performed to make your results look natural. When the surgery is performed on the upper eyelid, excess fat, skin, and tissue may be removed. This procedure can actually help restore vision for those with particularly excessive sagging and drooping. Blepharoplasty performed on the lower eyelid accomplishes many of the same things by removing excess tissue and fat from the area, but it results in the disappearance of bags under the eyes. With the skill and precision of Dr. Ramirez Gavidia, no one will ever be able to tell you underwent a surgical procedure.

Droopy eyelids can make you look older than you feel. If you are ready to do something about this problem, talk to Dr. Ramirez Gavidia at RG Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Spa. We will show you how you can look younger and more vibrant with an eyelid lift. Contact our office in Nashville today to schedule an appointment to get started!

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