How To Be A Diva

Being a diva comes from feeling like a diva. It is a sense of being empowered and connected to your inner goddess. But what if your internal queen’s crown is feeling a bit “off”? How do you get your confident, sexy self back? Start by taking control of your vaginal health with Sciton’s DiVa. 

Why does it feel as if you’ve lost your spark?

Like any other part of the body, the vagina changes with age. Childbirth can effect the vaginal canal and surrounding tissue and while the body can usually repair itself, for many women the tissue does not return to the same state as prior to childbirth. Menopause, hysterectomy, chemotherapy, or breastfeeding  can all lead to reduced estrogen production by the ovaries. This lack of estrogen can impact the vagina with thinning skin, dryness, and inflammation. This results in decreased healthy vaginal function for many women. These, of course, are merely the physical effects, the mental side effects of feeling less confident and lowered self-esteem can ultimately erode a woman’s quality of life and relationships.

So what is DiVa and how can it help you?

DiVa is a Hybrid Fractional Laser device, meaning it uses two customizable wavelengths offering your practitioner the flexibility to address your intimate challenges and produce the desired results. With two wavelengths DiVa delivers two therapies at once for maximal effect. These two lasers combine to treat the vaginal wall, creating brand new, healthy tissue and with deep heat stimulate collagen production. The result is skin that behaves younger and improved quality of the vaginal tissue. 

Before you become alarmed at the thought of lasering such an intimate area, understand two exceptional and important things about DiVa. The DiVa procedure is very comfortable, with most patients experiencing just pressure, and also very quick at just 3-5 minutes, which is the fastest in the industry. This makes it easy to have the three recommended treatments four weeks apart. Maintenance treatments are suggested just once a year and because there is no downtime, it is not an interruption to your life. The first 48 hours after being treated, women experience at most minimal spotting, minimal discomfort, and should avoid vaginal intercourse for 48 hours. Finally, a non-hormonal, non-surgical solution that improves the quality of vaginal tissue and ultimately, your sex life. 

Embrace a real solution with DiVa instead of giving way to your insecurities. Aging gracefully is fine, but you don’t have to feel old. While this procedure will not make you younger, you can feel confident and sexy in ways you may feel like you have lost over the years. Women give so much to everyone they can forget they need to invest and take care of themselves. The idea that women have to accept that sex will be uncomfortable forever is gone. It’s time to reclaim the intimacy you never thought you could have again and bring back your sensual side.


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