Hand Rejuvenation: Don’t Give Your Age Away! In Nashville, Tn

Did you know that the best way to guess a person’s age is no longer to look at a person’s face, it’s their hands?! While using effective skincare and cosmetic facial procedures have combatted the signs of facial aging, the wrinkly skin, prominent veins, and dark spots on the back of your hands might be giving away your true age. Fortunately, the latest techniques in hand rejuvenation now allow us to treat these signs of aging. Hand rejuvenation is not a trend; it is the realization that if you rejuvenate only the face, there can be a disconnect. The realization becomes apparent when you hold your hand up close to your face, and the contrast shows you the stark difference. As fat naturally wastes away over the years and collagen production slows down, the hands become “sunken” in appearance. The thinner skin that accompanies aging makes tendons and veins become more prominent further enhancing wrinkles. Years of daily exposure to elements like the sun and pollution, leave hands sun spotted and freckled.

At RG Plastic Surgery we are able to offer patients a multiple modality approaches to address the loss of volume, age spots, and texture.

BBL (Broad Band Light): We use the most powerful intense pulsed light available today to address the unwanted pigment changes, eliminate broken capillaries, and erase sun spots associated with aged hands.

Nano Laser Peels: These laser peels are superficial, yet powerful in addressing texture and rebuilding the strength of thinning skin. Pairing this treatment with BBL maximizes the results gained from each treatment.

Halo: This dual wavelength fractional laser will improve texture, rebuild collagen, and tackle stubborn pigment for a deeper restoration.

Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler: Using filler made from hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally occurring in our bodies, we can restore lost volume that has deteriorated with time relieving the hollow, veiny appearance.

Fat: A more permanent solution to semi-permanent filler, your own purified fat can be grafted to your hands to soften and replace lost fat and revolumize hands leaving you looking years younger.

Chemical Peels: Routine, dedicated chemical peels for hands coupled with sunscreen use are easy ways to maintain results in between more aggressive treatments.

Ask yourself: Are your hands making you look older than you are? Let us at RG Plastic Surgery help you complete your aesthetic look and guide you through a treatment plan that will never let your hands give away your age again!

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