A First Of Its Kind, Dual-Acting Lumivive Is Your Solution

RG Plastic Surgery is thrilled to be one of the first practices able to introduce SkinMedica’s Lumivive! It’s skincare that does more than ever before. Radiance is reclaimed allowing you to experience the most sophisticated multitasking skincare system from SkinMedica. Lumivive is a two-product system created to maximize your skin’s ability to thrive.

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Looking tired? Skin looking stressed? Welcome to skin care that does more than ever before! A first of its kind, dual-acting Lumivive is your solution. During the day, Lumivive is your skin’s defense against damaging environmental pollutants indoors and outdoors. Finally, there is protection against aggressors such as blue light (HEV) from phones, tablets, and computers as well as air and city pollution that are realities no matter where you live. Overnight, Lumivive utilizes skin’s natural restoration process, revitalizing and detoxifying to repair damage from environmental threats. No other product works so quickly to leave skin noticeably radiant in as few as 14 days. These two products defend against the daily assault of blue light and pollution to optimize skin health on their own or work as an essential complement to any skin care regimen. Simply put, Lumivive is the crucial key to recharge the skin’s ability to repair itself, amplify any skin care regimen, and defend the skin from environmental aggressors.

Is all this environmental and blue light stuff really a problem to be worried about? Yes! Blue light skin damage in on the rise and recent research proves it also causes skin damage. Our growing exposure to screens of cell phones, tablets, computers, televisions, even fluorescent and LED lighting expose our skin to more blue light than ever before. Penetrating deeper than UV rays, blue light degrades antioxidants, causes free radicals, and accelerates aging, dark spots, wrinkles, and lax skin. When people average 10 hours per day in front of a screen, you begin to understand the threat and necessity to fortify your skin. Outdoor pollution risk is much more conspicuous. The smoke, factories, car exhaust, and particulate matter contribute to skin aging, irregular pigmentation, skin dryness, and blemishes. Think that not living in the city makes you immune? Think again! 92% of the population lives where the outdoor air pollution exceeds WHO ambient air quality guidelines. Lumivive Day Damage Defense Serum is the answer offering full atmospheric protection. Overnight, Lumivive Night Revitalize and Repair Complex detoxifies, revitalizes, and restores compromised skin. Experience radiant benefits that are cumulative with consistent use. Lumivive is your answer to round-the-clock anti-aging and environmental stressors.

Embrace the ease of this simple two-product system and rest easy knowing you are doing all you can to defend against blue light, shield from pollutants, fight aging during the day and empowering your skin to recover at night. Wake up to a glowing, youthful appearance and recapture your radiance day in and day out.

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