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Am I a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

You may have considered getting a facelift because you’re dissatisfied with the way your jowls look or because you are annoyed at the more pronounced sagging of the skin on your cheeks. Perhaps your forehead is showing horizontal folds. Your neck may also contain folding, creased skin or the dreaded turkey wattle. The question is, will a facelift or other type of lift procedure correct these problems?

The answer may be yes. A facelift isn’t for everyone because each individual has different degrees of skin problems. A facelift is a surgical procedure that can correct the problem of sagging skin and dynamic wrinkling, but not all of us are ready to undergo this type of treatment. That’s why it’s best to schedule a consultation with us so that we can examine the face and neck closely. We’ll give you the facts about what a facelift can and cannot do to restore your facial features to a more youthful appearance.

During a traditional facelift, excess skin and some fat is removed and the remaining skin is tightened and lifted. The goal is to give the patient a younger-looking, more refreshed appearance. A facelift is a rather simple procedure, and because no foreign material is introduced, there is no chance of rejection. No new skin is grafted into place.

There is some downtime for the client following a facelift procedure

It is important to follow our team’s instructions for healing during this time for optimal results. Once you have fully recovered, you will be able to enjoy the results of your procedure for years to come. It is important to understand that results vary from patient to patient. The amount of facial smoothing that results depends on the overall shape of the face, the amount of muscle tissue that exists and the structure of the skull and facial bones, among other factors.

Do you want to know if a facelift is the right procedure for you? Make an appointment at RG Plastic Surgery and Rejuvenation Spa and tell us about your concerns. We’ll be happy to discuss your options. After examining your facial features, we’ll recommend the treatment that is best suited for your condition. Contact us today to book an appointment at our office in Nashville.

Lift that Face to Fabulous!

Aging is inevitable. The looser skin on the face and neck creep become more noticeable. Crow’s feet crinkle around the corners of eyes. Forehead lines become furrows. Sharp jawlines soften into jowls, and the chin and neck relax into vertical folds down the front of the neck. The face takes on a gaunt appearance. Genetics, daily habits, gravity, sun exposure, and time all play a role in how your face ages. The aging of the face is multifaceted because it does not only lose elasticity and develop loose skin, but it also loses fat and muscles shift. While aging is inevitable, a facelift can bring back your youthful contours!

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck, removing the excess facial skin to make a face appear younger. Modern facelift surgery, however, requires an in-depth understanding of the sub-muscular system of the face. This sub-muscular layer of tissues covers, surrounds, and attaches to the deeper structures of the face and neck. Surgically repositioning the underlying tissues to achieve a more youthful contour by lifting and tightening the jowls, neck, and cheeks. The result is a more natural and long-lasting look than archaic “skin-removal-only” facelifts. You don’t have to worry anymore about that “windswept” look.

While the loss of youthful contours in the face can be due to a variety of factors, addressing the loss of facial fat is part of the RG Plastic Surgery Facelift.  The fat that has shifted down or has disappeared deepens the fold lines between the nose and corner of the mouth and creates jowls in the lower cheeks and jaw. The gaunt appearance of the face is synonymous with old age. Replacing volume with autologous fat (your own fat) over surgically repositioned facial muscles and removing excess skin is the most effective way to restore the natural look of youth.

A signature characteristic of a beautiful facelift at RG Plastic Surgery begins with achieving your best skin. Nothing gives away age like dark age spots, creepy skin, and uneven skin pigmentation. The quality of the skin is addressed with laser treatments like Halo and discoloration treated with BBL. We believe nothing completes your look the way youthful, glowing skin can enhance the overall appearance of a facelift.

Combination treatments are often utilized to achieve the best results possible

A visit with Dr. Ramirez Gavidia at our office in the Gulch will help you make decisions about what additional procedures may be necessary to create the look you’re after including: a necklift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), liposuction, autologous fat injection, removal of buccal (cheek) fat pads, forehead lift, browlift, chemical or laser peel, and malar (cheek), submalar or chin implants.

Look as young as you feel and let your fabulous face show it!