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Planning to have your breast implants removed? 

You may no longer want implants, are unhappy with the size, or it may be time for them to be replaced.  Whatever your reason, you may wonder: what now? You likely have worries about how they will appear afterwards. Will they look droopy and deflated? What if you don’t want scars from a lift? If you want your implants removed but still want full, natural-looking breasts, consider breast augmentation with fat transfer. Dr. Ramirez Gavidia can take your own fat and use it to replace some of the volume of your breast implants.

Fat transfer may be an option you hadn’t considered or didn’t know was a possibility. Fat transfer works well for women that want a fuller, more shapely look, without a major increase in breast size. For women who have the space or remaining pocket that contained their implants to accommodate fat volume, this technique is ideal. 

Stretched, deflated feeling breasts can result after having children, breast feeding, or weight loss. This can potentially be the case with your breasts after implant removal. Transferring fat to breasts during the same explant procedure can replace lost volume in a natural way. The added fullness from the transferred fat means you could potentially avoid having a breast lift.

Consider some of the benefits to removing your breast implants and simultaneously adding fat:

  • Your own fat is used and derived from unwanted areas with liposuction improving your body shape. 
  • Dr. Ramirez Gavidia is able to fill specific areas that are deficient, like your cleavage or upper pole of the breasts.
  • There is no chance the fat will be rejected because it is your own.
  • The volume and shape created by fat transfer are long-lasting.
  • Fat transfer is safe because it is living tissue that behaves like fat anywhere else on your body.
  • It is usually a one-time procedure.
Dr. Ramirez Gavidia uses his fat grafting expertise all over the body, breasts, and face. You can count on his signature blend of artistry and advanced technique to help you reshape and restore your breasts after removing your implants.

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